Renegade Craft Curated

Nikdreamer has participated as a vendor for Renegade craft for the past couple years (NYC and this past in Denver). I think it's one of my favorite events we participate in annually. This past year I was honored when they reached out to share our dreamers healing kits with them in their curated maker sets for their new online store. I adored this COSMIC APOTHECARY set so much (not just because the dreamers healing kits are featured!), but I wanted to share it and more of their sets on here. Another favorite of mine is the Coffee fix. Shop links below. 

Limited edition, bespoke and edited: Renegade Curated Sets feature some of our favorite goods from the makers and designers who inspire us endlessly. Each set showcases a theme that we hope takes you on a creative journey from our Fairs to your home. - RENEGADE CRAFT

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Photo courtesy | Renegade Craft

Denver Gem Show

WHY the universe really brought me to Denver. GEM HEAVEN! JK.. but really thou this show is AMAZZING. It's said to be the second largest gem show in the states, Tucson obviously the largest. In my opinion I enjoyed this one much better than Tucson Gem Show.  Tucson gets so overwhelming for me to shop. This was a lot easier for me to make my rounds. The show goes on for one week in different venues in Denver, but I mostly spent time in the coliseum show. I think my favorite piece was the amethyst table, which some day i will own! Looking forward to sharing more of my gem findings and new jewels with you in upcoming weeks.

photo and video by: @insipidphotos

Holiday 16' preview party

A few weeks ago, Emma from Desert Daisy Jewelry and I planned a little pre-holiday party to share our latest collections that launch in November. Emma knew of this little hidden gem boutique in town that I had never been to before called Retail Therapy which ended up being the perfect venue for our pop-up shop. We were joined by a couple local bloggers including @thefashclass who took these amazing photos in @dizzyspangle blog post here.  In addition we had photographer Payton Altman stop by and snap some photos of our event, a couple of them below. All and all the holiday preview party ended up being a great success.  Thank you to those who came out and shared your support with us. Loved getting to meet a few new faces in town and we even had a magician randomly pop in to our event for a little bit of entertainment. It was a magical night. Be sure to check out Emma's blog as well for more pics! Also read Graciella's blog for more details about the latest collections.

Image by Payton Altman

Image by Payton Altman

Image by Payton Altman

Image by Payton Altman

Annual Tucson gem show

I honestly can't get enough of this show! Last year I went solo, and this year I brought my mom along who was just as overwhelmed. Again, I only had a day to shop - which is not nearly enough to experience this show, but we did see some breathtaking crystals and had some beautiful gem finds for the day. Lately I have been so drawn to rutilated and smokey quartz. Every room I went to I was immediately pulled to these stones, so naturally I knew I needed them. I also couldn't keep my eyes off of watermelon tourmaline. This year it seemed to be popping up everywhere at the show. It's a gem I've never worked before, so I'm excited to see what I can do with it. I must say these gem shows fill me up with so much inspiration and energy. Looking forward to sharing all my finds in the upcoming collections. Here's just a glimpse of our day in Tuscon.