Renegade Craft Curated

Nikdreamer has participated as a vendor for Renegade craft for the past couple years (NYC and this past in Denver). I think it's one of my favorite events we participate in annually. This past year I was honored when they reached out to share our dreamers healing kits with them in their curated maker sets for their new online store. I adored this COSMIC APOTHECARY set so much (not just because the dreamers healing kits are featured!), but I wanted to share it and more of their sets on here. Another favorite of mine is the Coffee fix. Shop links below. 

Limited edition, bespoke and edited: Renegade Curated Sets feature some of our favorite goods from the makers and designers who inspire us endlessly. Each set showcases a theme that we hope takes you on a creative journey from our Fairs to your home. - RENEGADE CRAFT

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Photo courtesy | Renegade Craft

hand crochet blanket | from start to finish

When I was a little girl my grandma used to crochet blankets, hats, scarfs, even sweaters for my dolls for me. I used to admire her so much when she would knit. She tried teaching me a few times, I remember enjoying it very much but I was so young I don't even remember what I ever did with those crochet sticks. I recently came across a crochet crafting class in Denver but due to my schedule I was unable to attend. I was so grateful Anne, the teacher of the class reached out to me inviting me to her home for a couple hours this past Sunday to learn the basics of crochet (hand crochet that is). I didn't even use any tools except my hands to make this blanket. She got me started on it and I picked up the craft pretty quickly. I came home and was so excited to work on it the last couple nights. I think the hardest part was keeping the wool from tangling. I am so happy with how it came out! It's 100% peruvian wool. Super soft and cozy! Roman loves it too, I can't keep him off it. Here's a lil photo diary of the making of my first crochet blanket. 

Also, if you're interested check out Anne's website for beginner crochet and knitting patterns and kits.