Annual Tucson gem show

I honestly can't get enough of this show! Last year I went solo, and this year I brought my mom along who was just as overwhelmed. Again, I only had a day to shop - which is not nearly enough to experience this show, but we did see some breathtaking crystals and had some beautiful gem finds for the day. Lately I have been so drawn to rutilated and smokey quartz. Every room I went to I was immediately pulled to these stones, so naturally I knew I needed them. I also couldn't keep my eyes off of watermelon tourmaline. This year it seemed to be popping up everywhere at the show. It's a gem I've never worked before, so I'm excited to see what I can do with it. I must say these gem shows fill me up with so much inspiration and energy. Looking forward to sharing all my finds in the upcoming collections. Here's just a glimpse of our day in Tuscon.