Ghost Town

Just an hour outside Vegas - southwest of Boulder City you'll wander upon the littlest town off the highway called Nelson. I recently went mining with a friend who mentioned this town aka Ghost Town. Now I can see why. There is a private property that is now a historical landmark right in the middle of this town. It used to be an old gold mine, and they do offer mining tours on weekdays. I went on a Sunday, but would love to go back in the upcoming week to check out one of these tours. Although this location even without the tour was a dream.. everything from antique cars, school buses, vintage gas pumps, old barns with every random piece you can imagine to find in a junk barn. It was like I wandered right in to a time machine. Such great inspiration, I adored this place a lot. Looking forward to adventuring the gold mine next time. Here's a little photo diary from my day in Nelson.