Roads less traveled shoot

To all those times we didn't know what road to take. I will never forget the first time reading The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost. A poem I have lived by.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

To all those deserted dirt roads that lead you to the most beautiful places. This was one of those moments. Had a blast shooting for fun and exploring with these two in the old gold mines and abandon homes in the mountains of Idaho, CO. So grateful to have crossed paths with these two since moving here.  This was actually my first time shooting in Denver. I forgot how much I love these kinds of collabs. Hope to have more days like this before the snow arrives. Here's a few outtakes from our shoot last Sunday. Check out the photos here!

Fall in the desert

A few weeks back I collaborated with this beautiful team of ladies in Red Rock Canyon for a shoot to get us all inspired and excited for fall fashion in the desert. It's still 90 degrees here in October but we are making the best of it. This fall I've been working with a lot of labradorite, black onyx, petrified wood, obsidian gemstones and raw crystals. I'm going to be launching some new one of a kind crystal pendants in the shop later this week that I'm very excited about. I still haven't done any collections this year as I remember setting that intention in January here. I've still been focusing only one day at a time, that's pretty much my theme of the year for life and jewels. I've enjoyed just working with a few gemstones that are calling to me in that season. I think one of my favorite thing about being a jeweler is working with the raw natural gemstones and designing the one of a kind pieces made just for you.  Many of my new pieces are used throughout this shoot along with some of my turquoise vintage jewels from my personal collection.

I want to special thank Brie Seavey (@soul_synergy) for putting this shoot together. I've worked with her many times before (our roots shoot here and here), she is one of my favorites in Vegas. I also want to special thank my sister (@peachybe) for styling this shoot, especially on such last minute notice. A lot of the looks were pulled from Free People. See below for more. 

PHOTOGRAPHY - Brie Seavey/@soul_synergy

MODEL - Mel /@staytunedformel

STYLING - Brittany Rosano/@peachybe

MAKEUP - Etienne Lovelle/@etiennelovelle



LAUNCH DATE: SEPTEMBER 1st. I can hardly breathe with excitement for FALL!  Everything about this season makes me so happy and beginning it with a fresh new Look Book launch for the FALL collection just makes my heart want to explode. BIG special thanks to my dream team - Photographer - Jessica Passecker//Model - Sheyla Muniz//Hair - Andrea Cec//Makeup- Jessica Passecker//Styling by Jessica and myself. I could not have asked for a better group of talented babes for this collaboration. The whole day couldn't have been more magical, especially running in to the wild horses! It's like they knew we were coming. I had never seen them before out west, only dreamed about it.. and they came out of no where on the day of shoot! Such a surreal moment in time, thank you universe and mother nature for creating this wild adventure.

The new look-book and collection will release on September 1st, but in the meantime here's a little preview.. Cannot wait to share more!

Food for the soul: a day in the mountains

Sometimes you just need to surround yourself with good people, in a good place that makes you feel like home. Today was one of those really good days. Being from upstate NY, I do get homesick around the holidays because the weather in Vegas still doesn't feel like home, but I love being able to drive 30 minutes to the Mt. Charleston where the snow is just beginning to stick to the ground. Today was exactly what I needed to bring back those feelings of home. Although I can say after spending the day up there, I definitely don't miss the "cold" weather but do miss that crisp air and smell of December pine.

I spent the day with Brie, Mae, and Micha. Brie, I met when planning for my look book for the Fall collection. She is the one who created all the photo magic from the "Roots" look book. Her work has always inspired me, see more from her site here. Mae, I met exactly a year ago, on a shoot for Dark Beauty. Since then, we've become very close. One of my best friends since being here in Vegas. And lastly, Micha who I just met today who was so fun to shoot with. Between the four of us, we were able to capture and create some magical moments in the mountains. I still can't get over the massive tree fort we stumbled upon on our adventure. It ended up being the center for our shoot today. Below are some outtakes//behind the scenes. We stopped on the way out from our shoot at the lodge to warm up with some hot chocolate and some "are you afraid of the dark" stories/laughs. Love these days!

Dark Beauty

A couple weeks ago, in the blurr of the holiday craziness i had the pleasure to work with some talented local artists and makers on a shoot called, "Dark Beauty." I recently met Mae Mariano (make-up stylist) for the shoot through instagram, when she asked if I'd like to collab on this shoot. She did all the coordinating (and hair and make-up) for this whole "Dark Beauty" vision. Couldn't have worked with a better team! Serentity Shae, who modeled, miss Elle Heavin who designed the wardrobe for the shoot, and lastly photographer Antonia Abrego who shot this beautiful collection. Such a fun high energy shoot right before Christmas. Loved it! Even Roman had a blast on his first time out at photo shoot.