Food for the soul: a day in the mountains

Sometimes you just need to surround yourself with good people, in a good place that makes you feel like home. Today was one of those really good days. Being from upstate NY, I do get homesick around the holidays because the weather in Vegas still doesn't feel like home, but I love being able to drive 30 minutes to the Mt. Charleston where the snow is just beginning to stick to the ground. Today was exactly what I needed to bring back that feeling of home. Although I can say after spending the day up there, I definitely don't miss the "cold" weather but do miss that crisp air and smell of December pine.

I spent the day with Brie, Mae, and Micha. Brie, I met when planning for my look book for the Fall collection. She is the one who created all the photo magic from the "Roots" look book. Her work has always inspired me, check out her site here. Mae, I met exactly a year ago, on a shoot for Dark Beauty. Since then, we've become very close friends. Not only is she an amazing friend, she's quite the inspiring makeup artist always bringing energy and new/creative ideas to a shoot. And lastly, Micha who I just met today, and already felt her good energy. Not only is she stunning, she has got a beautiful soul. Between the four of us, we were able to capture and create some magical moments in the mountains. I still can't get over the massive tree fort we stumbled upon on our adventure. It ended up being the center for our shoot today. Below are some pics from behind the scenes. The last couple were captured from Brie's camera - when we stopped at the lodge on the way home to warm up with some hot cocoa and "are you afraid of the dark" stories/laughs. More to share soon..