7 simple things

Is june really almost over?! This summer is flying.. here's to those little simple moments in my week that make me happy and inspired. 

{coffee mugs with inspiration on a brunch date with my sister}

{hosting arm parties in my workshop}

{little vinyl toys that make me smile}

{morning healing sessions with my mom}

{super moon rising in my neighborhood}

{crystals in every color}

{gifted the super seven}

7 simple things

Here's to those little inspiring moments in my week that make me happy no matter what tragedies are going on in the world around me. 

{afternoon rides}

{new wall mural for the office}

{channeling my native roots}

{new bizcards}

{visits from my east coast babes}

{late night perks of living down the street from china town}

{knowing the strength and beauty of a city I called home for 7 years, prayers for boston}

7 simple things

happy july! so far i am absolutely loving summer. i was nervous about my first summer in a desert.. but it's really not as bad as i thought. not having humidity is a major plus! i haven't even needed any products for my hair.. no summer frizz here. this past week was the first time it has rained in vegas in months. it felt so nice to wake up and see clouds in the sky and walk outside to the smell of rain. the rainy days in vegas make me feel so calm and relaxed, it's weird.. like i am home. seeing the sun everyday is something i feel like gets taken for granted here.. and to me it's still so strange waking up everyday and seeing the sun. it's like everyday is vacation here and it's the gloomy days that are so rare now, i appreciate so much. never thought i'd say this but rain and gloom, those days make me happy! there's nothing better than a rainy movie day in bed. so opposite from the weather in upstate new york! i still cannot believe that we're already half way through july. summer is just flying.. it's been awhile since i've posted my 7 simple things, but here's to all those little moments in my week that simply make me smile.

{work all day, work all night}

{roses just because}

{dinner dates}

{sage for the apartment}

{party rock mondays with sister and friends}

{finding a vintage mickey watch}

{rainy days in Vegas}

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7 simple things

i haven't done my weekly post in awhile not because i haven't wanted to, but because unfortunately my hard drive crashed a few weeks back and i lost all my photos i just updated on my macbook. lesson of the year: use the external hard drive.

in the past few weeks i have had many moments to share. this has been a very exciting month so far with my family that all have returned back to albany for the summer, will's brother just got out of the navy and has returned home, and my sister graduated college! Looking forward to spending the summer with all of them.

sisters reunited

brothers reunited

family pizza nights

choo's welcome home party

family taco nights

my little graduate

rainy days spent at the cafe.. with my new ext. hard drive:)