safe places and sacred spaces

Last week was a very powerful new moon. Usually on new moons I stay to myself, journal and write out my intentions for the month but on this new moon I was called to a ceremony to share my intentions in a group. I’ve never been to a therapy session before but I feel attending rituals and sacred spaces like this is my therapy. I need to be seeking these places more often. For me it’s a place I can go with no judgement or insecurities holding me back from being my true self. In this space I feel grounded and connected with like minded souls where I can speak my truth via chanting mantras, singing, meditation, prayer, and sharing stories, etc. and feel my vibration instantly rise. Sometimes even pushing me outside my comfort zone. When doing this I have always found I learn something new about myself or pick up on a new perspective. When I leave this space I feel fulfilled, clear headed, and reconnected to all that I am.

I have always been very spiritual being. I would say it wasn’t until 2013 when I really began my spiritual journey that is when I attended my first reiki session. That was my first time I felt the energy of crystals and spiritual healing. I’m still learning so much along the way about my spirituality as this journey unfolds. People always ask what my religious beliefs are and my only answer is I am constantly evolving and changing. I don’t think I need to be confined in one set belief system. I feel like a lot of that has to do with the Sagittarius in me. I love nothing more than immersing myself in different belief systems, religions, cultures that challenge my current ways of thinking.

At a deeper level, the sign of Sagittarius is connected with the nature of belief. Part of the journey toward greater levels of experience also involves broadening the mind. By comparing and contrasting different ideas, philosophies, belief systems or cultures, Sagittarians gain new arenas in which to roam.

I have always trusted my intuition first before anything. I do know what feels right and what feels wrong, and I always go with that as the answer. I feel like even knowing that I will still forever seek answers about spirituality I might never find. I guess that is what makes life beautiful and exciting.

One of my tarot cards that I pulled on this new moon night was called “sacred spaces.” And it got me thinking about what makes a space sacred? The card read, “ You connect with the symbols and energy that have been infused with meaning and prayer. Don’t take these symbols lightly, for they are very powerful. When you connect with sacred symbols you help your inner sanctity find a home in the outer world. You also tap in to the ancient wisdom and spiritual grace of the old ways.”

I only know the feeling of what I believe makes a space sacred and for me it’s a place I go to feel connected, one that feels like home, a safe place. One of my intentions I set on this new moon is to share more of my personal story. So I guess that’s what brought me here to write this post. I’ve always been an open book but at the same time I am very private with things that are personal to me. Its been a struggle of mine to fully let down my guard and let people in my personal space and heart. When I get in these “safe spaces” I don’t have any guards up. So I’d like to make this more of my safe space, a place that I can share and connect with others without judgement. You will see more blogs and vlogs from me in this upcoming year that share more about the personal things I enjoy and the journey behind the jewels. I have no idea what this upcoming month will bring but I feel a lot of change and high energy coming from this harvest moon. I’m looking forward to it all!

Thank you Ceremony Healing for sharing this beautiful sacred space and hosting the new moon rose bath ceremony. It was exactly what I needed.