Moab, Utah

My parents called me about a month ago to let me know they were driving thru Moab for some RV travels. I had been with them to Moab once before two summers ago, and have always wanted to go back. The drive from Denver is only 5 hours, so of course I said yes! Moab, you are still as beautiful as I remembered, and the Portal RV resort in Moab is still my favorite RV resort I've ever camped in. I just uploaded a couple vlogs from my adventure and below is a little photo diary I took with the canon.

Things I didn't get to do that I wanted to do was hike to the delicate arch again because that was my favorite from last trip but the weather was super windy/rained most afternoons. Also I wanted to rent a bike to do a little mountain biking, but that also got cancelled after I felt carsick from the four wheeling adventures. I did make it to the landscape arch this time which I recommend if you're visiting! It was a quick and easy hike that felt like I was really walking through the land before time. Oh, and this time we got to see some dinosaur tracks! See vlog /vlogs for more. Moab Rock Shop :)