Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

So I had this long post wrote up with a photo diary for the PNW adventures in California... and just as soon as I clicked save+publish earlier today my computer froze and needed a reboot.. I thought I had it saved but when I logged back in the blog was gone. As I was just about then ready to take my computer and crash it on the floor, I remembered that month we're in. Oh, mercury retrograde. You'd think I'd learn my lesson by now. Pretty sure this exact same thing happened during the last retrograde in the middle of one of my collection launches.. and i remember then repeating to myself BACK UP and SAVE all work in progress. Repeat often. September 23rd, please come soon.

Anyway.. instead of rewriting the California post tonight I felt this resonated more with how I am feeling in this very moment. I just came across this video on youtube yesterday that I wanted to share. It's about taking a moment to look at life in the rearview mirror. I don't think the message could have appeared at a more perfect time. While I'm feeling quite blah that this fun filled summer adventure just came to an end and I'm back in Vegas and i'm surrounded with so many questions daily, and no answers for any of them. It's so important to take some time alone, refocus, and reflect on where we've come. How many roads that have been traveled. How many detours taken. This is what keeps us moving forward. Like Adamus says in his video, there's no going back..  and we don't have to know what's up ahead. Keep doing you, and I truly believe every road will lead you to where you're going. Here's to looking forward to new season.. and a look back at all those beautiful summer roads traveled thru the rearview mirror.

California coast post, you will be next. Xx