upstate NY and fall goods

I try to get back in the north east at least once a year for a visit. My favorite time to visit is mid fall as the leaves are changing, although this trip happened a little earlier than expected but still excited me for what's to come this season. I grew up in Albany, NY so when I go back east I always make time to spend with my family and friends in my home town. This September marks four years for me as a Nevada resident, and I never would have thought when my family and I took that cross country road trip back in September 2011, that I'd stay this long. These visits back east always do make me miss parts of home, especially during this season. Really there is no fall that compares to fall upstate!

During this past visit I took a drive out to Middleburgh, NY with my aunt, mom, and grandma which is where we used to go on day trips for all the farmer and antique markets when I was a kid. I hadn't been on this drive in over twenty years.. so it was quite a trip down memory lane. The drive out to this part of the country is just so beautiful there really are no words to describe it. I hardly captured any photos during my travels back east, but on this day I did. I wanted to remember all those simple things..  those little things that I grew up around and forget how much I miss when I'm back in Vegas. Hoping I can make it back for another visit before this year ends, there are still so many faces I didn't get to see and miss so much. Here's to a new season.. and a preview of some fall goods to come!

-A day in Middleburgh, NY-