Summer Stories - Grand Canyon, AZ

The last stop on my summer travels was to the north rim of the grand canyon. I've been to the south rim once before but never this side of the canyon. I remember thinking the last time I was there how hard it was to capture a photo of Grand Canyon's beauty, and even with my canon T2i with me this time a photo does not do this canyon justice. It's one of those places you just have to visit at least once in your life. I'd say there weren't as many tourists as there were on the north rim vs. south rim which I enjoyed and the temperature is a lot cooler. I took a short mile hike out to one of the view points on my own when I first arrived. You wouldn't guess it from the photos but it's over 8,200 feet in elevation and coming from some one who isn't a fan of heights I had to let go of some fear walking out alone on these ledges. The view was worth it though. It was the perfect end to the trip. There was so much to reflect on from all the places, people, and things I saw in just a couple weeks. After two and a half weeks on the road with little to no wifi, outhouse showering, sleeping on air mattress, picnic table bench setups and too many fast food stops lets just say I'm happy to be home and back on the real bench. Although, that road is always calling.. and I can't get New Mexico out of my head. I will be going back there very soon. In the meantime I'm looking forward to working with those new turquoise gems..

As always thanks for following the story. New jewels in the works. Stay tuned..