Summer stories - Moab, UT

Moab was such a rad town. The Arches national park which is located right in Moab was one of my top favorite nat'l parks I've been to out west. It was that similar feeling I had when I was in Valley of Fire where I felt like I was on another planet. We ended up in Moab on the 4th of July and took a very memorable hike that day with my parents to see the famous delicate arch. It was quite the intense trail uphill in 90 degree heat, but I know at the end of it we were all glad we did it. I have to say after seeing these photos, the arches don't even capture all that well. You have to experience them in person. There's still so much left in that park that we ran out of time to see. You could really spend a week here. We only spent three days in Moab. Definitely saw a lot of rocks, unfortunately no fireworks - it ended up storming the night of the 4th but honestly the lightning storm over Moab was even better than fireworks. On the last day in Moab we went off roading in the jeep to see the petroglyph sites which was rad. We bought this petroglyph guide map book with pinpoints of all these hidden petroglyph rocks. Some where very hard to find.. but we found some of these hidden gems on the off road adventure. On our way back we made a happy hour stop at Castle Creek winery and then stopped for dinner at the Moab Brewery. Dinner was okay. Lets just say I wouldn't recommend that brewery for food. The beer was good. In other news, I finally joined the snapchat! Since photos don't capture the size of these rocks well.. check out my latest stories snapchat: nikdreamer

Enjoy all the Moab rock below!