Sweet December

Sweet December. Since it doesn't snow where I live... I must go seek a little bit of winter white and evergreen this month. Looking forward to a cabin adventure next weekend in Zion with my east coast babes to celebrate some holiday together! Found some winter inspo on pinerest this am. Wanted to share on the blog today to get us all in winter feels. Remember it's the little things that make December so sweet.. that first hot cocoa, fresh cut wood, oatmeal instead of cold cereal, a snowfall, movie nights in, decorating your tree, homemade christmas cookies, pulling out your winter boots, gloves, hats, scarfs, and sweaters. Sometimes we get so caught up in the stress of finding the perfect gifts during holiday season.. that we forget the little sweet moments of sharing things so simple with the ones we love is really the best gift.

5 days and counting..