Zion Nat'l Park

More from Zion.. including the canyon overlook, emerald pools, and watchman trails. The canyon overlook was the first hike we did, right when we got in. We got up to the canyon just before sunset and all shared a bottle of wine at the top to start our weekend. The walk back was a little chilly as the sun was setting, but the wine did help a little! Emerald pools was the second hike we did which was a gorgeous hike with all the mountains around and emerald pools, although that hike was all in between the mountain (no sun) and it was so cold that day! I froze on that trail. The last hike we did was one of my favorites, the watchman hike. I had a slight obsession with all the turquoise sandstone throughout trail. That hike was a beautiful easy hike all on the sunny side of the mountain a perfect way to end the weekend. Zion, you are magical.