Quartzsite.. aka gem capital of the world!

I don't even know how to describe in words my last four days in quartzite. Part of me feels like it was all a dream. I swear Quartzsite is definitely a place in my dreams.. My first day there I was so overwhelmed within the first hour that I just had to stop looking and take a break in the beer garden. I could not believe all the treasures and gems I was seeing... EVERYWHERE in this city. I mean every corner there was a huge gem store or tent set up with the most amazing crystals and gemstones I've ever seen. Thankfully my mom appreciates gemstones just as much as I do, so I had someone by my side just as jaw dropped as I was.

This little getaway was so fun, especially being able to camp out in the RV park. We home cooked every meal and enjoyed the camp fire every night. Just really got to enjoy the simple things. Here's a little photo diary of our visit in Quartzsite

posts to follow of some of the treasures and gems I came home with.. and other inspirations during my stay.