A dreamer's logo

My company logo is something I've been wanting for a very long time but I just never knew what it was I wanted it to look or feel like. When I was on in Zion last month, I saw one of the most beautiful crescent moons. As a dreamer, I have always felt connected to the moon, but I think because of all the universal transformations happening right now I have never felt more connected. A crescent moon symbolizes new beginnings and the making of dreams into reality. The year has been a year full of new beginnings and chasing dreams. After seeing that moon on my trip, I contacted my friend Katie (remember my post about her here) who was able to design exactly what I wanted for my logo. She actually came up with so many designs, it made it hard to chose just one but I am so happy with our final logo. In celebration of 12/12/12 (the last triple date digit in our lifetime!),  I spontaneously decided to get my first wrist tattoo of the crescent moon. See photos below. Here's to chasing the dream.. xo