happy one year #shopetsynikdreamer!

Exactly one year ago i opened my etsy shop. i opened my shop on 11/11/11 not even meaning to, but it just happened that way. i have always been a believer in signs and the synchronicity of things. my family and friends have been calling me a dreamer since i was a little girl, and to this day i have always stayed true to my heart and dreams. i've always had a connection and make wishes on the numbers 11:11. So ironically it all happened this way..

I feel that my line has come a long way since i opened up my shop last year and i couldn't be more thankful to have you all supporting me every step of the way. i want to say special thanks to my family and friends, my neighbors, and coworkers that have purchased from me, the pilates & yoga studio, the ganesha center, all three harley davidson dealerships in nevada, first friday las vegas, and to all my customers worldwide. you have all kept my dreams, inspirations, and passions alive. if you were to tell me a year ago that i'd have some of my bracelets in harley davidson stores, i would say, "in my dreams!" this just goes to show that if you dream it, work hard, and believe in it... it will come. don't ever stop chasing the dream. 

to celebrate my etsy shop's birthdate, i've added a new collection to my shop, my first holiday/winter collection that has some of my favorite pieces and stones in it that i've made to date. this collection was inspired and made for all the fellow dreamers, lovers, believers, and rebels out there. i hope every piece shares a new story for dreams, love, faith, and joy for whosever hands they end up in. i have also taken off all shipping costs for the week to celebrate! FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the U.S. until Nov. 18th. Coupon Code: ElevenEleven

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thank you,

thank you!