road trip west: 9 days, 9 cities

it's official!! my family has packed up everything, sold their house in NY, and moved west. this summer my parents bought a house in Scottsdale, Arizona, while my sister and i will be moving into an apartment in Las Vegas on September 1st! we tried to make the cross country trip as enjoyable as possible by stopping in many different cities along the way. we left Albany on August 22nd and arrived in Las Vegas August 30th. in 9 days we visited, Hershey, PA, Lynchburg, VA, Nashville, TN, memphis, TN, Checotah, OK, Amarillo, TX, Acoma, NM, Flagstaff, AZ. my favorite city was Nashville! that city has the best bars/food/live music, i just loved it. Flagstaff was another favorite, but we had a blast stopping at all the cities along the way.. also met some great people in the campgrounds that we stayed in. i hope to visit some of the cities again soon, but for now i'm ready to start a new life in VEGAS!

here is a little photo diary of our adventure..