jeremy wade: there is no end to more

last night i went and saw an interesting/unique performance to say the least at the
EMPAC called there is no end to more. inspired by Japanese kawaii culture, there is no end to more was a one-man performance that featured dance, stories, animation, and video. the actor, Jared Gradinger,"single handedly commands the stage with his interpretation of a Geek's ultimate daydream fantasy: a super hero battleing the forces of evil." this performance was very silly and also scary at times as the lights often went out and deep whispers filled the room, which all included strong messages and heavy subject matter. "wade peeks under the slick, silly surface of kawaii to reveal its more insidious subtext, in which societal norm becomes aberration and consumption gives way to delusion." by the end of the show i felt very certain of the message that consumption will only haunt you in the end.. "i am starting to drown, its a long way down, my shoes are too heavy, i seem to be drowning, i see all colors, i see everything i ever saw, i'm going down.."

still not sure how i feel about it, but here i am still thinking about it.. read more here.