the new facebook

it's been two weeks now i've been using the new facebook design. it's taken awhile to adjust to this new layout/navigate my way around, but i must admit i do like it a lot better than before. to be honest, i can't even remember what the old one was like!? i think the new design makes it a lot easier to navigate using the tabs instead of having 100 applications open on one page. i was starting to feel claustrophobic on my own page even though i only have a couple applications that i do use.
the only thing i will say i dislike about facebook is that the news feeds are a little much for me. If members add me on as a friend, change a status, write on wall, or tag me to a photo, the message immediately gets delivered out to my social network of friends newsfeeds before i even see notice!! ..or in many cases, approve!
facebook could easily fix this privacy issue and implement an approval system maybe through an email update [like myspace], which allows members to approve wall comments/friends/photos/photo comments before they instantly show through activity feeds of friends. or maybe it's already been implemented and i haven't seen that tab? there's just so many new tabs to navigate through in this new facebook design.. with that said i still like it and in past months i've definitley have become more of a facebook user than myspace. Team Facebook!

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xo, nikdreamer