mocha club

Okay, so everyone spends a couple of dollars each month on something they can go without. Maybe for you it's a midnight run to a fast-food restaurant. Maybe it's a movie rental. Maybe it's a mocha. For the cost of two mochas a month (only $7), you can change lives. The Mocha Club is about community among friends, but more importantly, its about joining together to provide hope to our community in Africa.


In the U.S., $7 = 2 mochas

In Kibera, Kenya, $7 = 3 meals in a day for 9 orphans
In Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, $7 = 1 school term for 2 children
In Tufa, Ethiopia, $7 = food for a family of 4 for 1 month
In Uganda, $7 = treatment for 16 children infected with malaria
In all of Africa, $7 = clean water for 7 Africans for 1 year
In the Sudan, $7 = relief packs for 2 people in the war-torn region of Darfur
In Angola, $7 = seed and farming tools for 3 people

Make a real difference in the lives of African orphans and those affected by HIV/AIDS. It's time to make the difference you have always wanted to make.

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