a positive start to 2008

Negativity bags would have been the perfect new years gifts!! Even though they were just made for a positive branding/campaign concept, i still think they'd be a pretty funny gift for friends. Particularly friends with much stress (myself included), where you can place all that excess baggage and emotional stress from 07' in to this bag, then disposing this bag in the trash, and being able to start a clean slate for 08'!

The bags states, "Here at positive, we believe that a physical action can reflect your emotional state. We encourage you to dispose of your pessimism and metal demons in a physical manifestation, to help purge your mind. So throw away that photo of the ex, or that poor performance report, and forget about it."

haha, i love this idea or maybe i've just been reading too many positive mind thinking books lately.

Instructions For Use:
place items within bag
dipose of bag in nearest trash receptacle
close eyes
take a deep breath
think positive thoughts.

IMPORTANT: Do not re-open once sealed. High risk of emotional relapse. Contains items of personal significance.