Happy six anniversary NIKDREAMER!

SIX YEARS! - 11/11/11 i opened my first shop on etsy! I will never forget the date.. b/c eleven eleven has always been an angelic number in my life. We've come a long way since making #armcandy! Have a few exciting works to share with you all in upcoming weeks.. for now here's a few photos of my little studio space in Colorado built with just enough room to share my bench with friends to come aside and get to work:)

I want to thank you every single one of you for continuing to follow the journey. I am grateful for these past six years being able to keep create and spread my love for these gems and jewels with you. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for your love and support over the years. Can't believe how fast it goes... Thank you, THANK YOU!

P.S. Use coupon code: ELEVENELEVEN in shop today and tomorrow for 20% OFF all gems and jewels.


let's go back in time... it's been a minute since i've last updated. this holiday kept me so busy i never had a chance to update the blog. and here we're just a few hours away from the new year, i figure better late than never.. lets recap some of my favorite moments to end 2013.

the first would be the moon party i hosted in my home to celebrate the two year birthdate of Nikdreamer. It has been two amazing years since I opened my shop on etsy. Thank you to all who came out that night to celebrate. We had a blast making painted spirit sticks and tarot card readings. Here's a lil photo diary from the moon party.