lake mead house boat

this past weekend my family and family friends went out for the day on a house boat on lake mead. it was my second time getting to experience this beautiful boat ride. they take us to the back side of the hoover dam and around the lake with gorgeous views of all the red rocks. last time i was on the boat it was a lot cooler so i only experienced the on deck hot tub, but this time we got to slide off the back slide in to the lake!

what an amazing day.. i wish i could live all summer on this boat. it made me miss my childhood.. having a boat with my family on sacandaga lake every summer. 

...someday i will own a boat! #thedream


{good morning}

{my sister and her man}

 {view of the back side of the hoover dam}

{breathe it all in} 

{captain dave}

{below deck}

summer wonderland

summer wonderland

Rebel Yell racerback tank
$63 -

Victoriabramwell summer skirt
$160 -

J Brand denim cut off shorts
$165 -

H M bikini swimwear
£3.99 -

H M bikini swimwear
£3.99 -

Rubber shoes
£60 -

Zara platform heels
$100 -

H M print handbag
£2.99 -

Antik Batik tribal bracelet
$95 -

Lee Angel Jewelry gold chain bracelet
$65 -

Charlotte Russe teal earrings
$4 -

Costalots plastic sunglasses
$210 -

Hair accessory
$6.50 -

hello summer!

happy summer! it's officially summertime. this season always feels like the shortest of the year, especially when you live in upstate ny. there's only so many sunny days to enjoy and i'd like to take full advantage of all of them this summer. so i thought i'd come up with a list of ten things that i’d like to accomplish before labor day..
1. attend an outdoor concert
2. sneak into a fancy hotel pool
3. create a summer 2010 playlist for my ipod
4. take walks after dinner at least twice a week
5. set friday night dinner dates and sunday brunch dates
6. go swimming in a waterfall
7. drive to the beach as often as possible
8. master my own signature summer cocktail
9. attend a food or music festival
10. donate the summer clothes that I don’t end up wearing

what does your summer list look like? 
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xo, nikdreamer