2017. make more tacos

Starting off 2017... with one intention. Make more tacos. 

Is anyone else glad to finally be done with 2016?! {everyone raises their hand} I have yet to meet someone that had an amazing 2016. I have a few blog posts still in drafting from last year.. but to be honest I’m not sure I’ll even finish them. Maybe one. I’m just so excited to begin a new year! I love the feeling of new. New city. New home. New one bedroom apartment that I adore. This building I moved into here in downtown Denver is brand new. I was one of the first to get approved in this apartment complex which is why I was homeless for so long. It took awhile for all the paperwork to go through and apartment to be ready. It’s a much smaller space then I had in Vegas, but the perfect size for Roman and I. It's also the first time I've moved in to a home with new appliances - so cooking in the kitchen is a good time! I am also readjusting to city life and winters all over again. I haven't felt like I've been in a city since Boston and haven't experienced a winter since living in upstate NY. So this year is already in for lots of change.

As we begin a new year keeping with tradition, no resolutions set, only intentions for new. One being I want to get back in the kitchen more. I think this intention was inspired by my friend Emma. I was blessed to be able to spend the month of November with her while I was homeless. Very blessed for all the meals she cooked for us. Emma loves to cook, which was very inspiring for me to be around since most of my summer included togo tacos and in and out burgers most days. She introduced me to Cookieandkate and many of her own gluten free/vegetarian dishes. I'm not vegetarian but I will say I have a new appreciation for vegetarian dishes. I always thought they'd never fill me up but Emma has proven me wrong. One of my favorites was these sweet potato and black bean tacos. I know it sounds like a weird mix (tacos//sweet potato//pumpkin seeds) but you got to try them! One of my newest favorite tacos recipes ever. I think we made them three times during my stay with her and a new staple in my kitchen.

I cheated on recipe a lil by getting a pre-made guacamole dip from traders joes and I added a corn and chile salsa to the mix which adds extra flavor. This recipe makes plenty. Enough for leftovers for two - three tacos for days. I always think every thing tastes better second day anyway. Here's a to a new year and new tacos made in our new home.