Manitou Incline

Happy Spring, Colorado! The snow is finally melting and I’m getting out of my winter hibernation. This past week I adventured to Manitou Springs to experience the incline for my first time. Had no idea what I was getting myself into! 2,744 steps, 2,000 feet in elevation from top to bottom. One mountain climb I’ll never forget. As I climbed the first 1,000 steps I kept thinking this isn’t that bad, not realizing I wasn’t even half way there. The incline looks deceiving as your climbing because you keep looking up thinking you’re almost there… yet there are still hundreds (thousands!) of stairs in front of you. I almost quit yet the sun was rising the whole time during the hike up which was v distracting in every good way and pushing me to keep going. I kept turning around and capturing the moment because it kept getting more beautiful as I was climbing higher and higher on the mountain. I’ve never experienced such beauty in a sunrise. If you’re planning to do the incline I highly suggest doing it before 8am. Photos don’t even capture the true beauty of this experience. Definitely one for the books.

Almost ready to do it again!