New Collection Launch: "It was all a dream"

The new line called, "It was all a dream" is just days away. Cannot wait to share this collection with you along with the new lookbook for 2014 shot by Joey Newell. The spring collection and shoot was inspired by the fairy tale, "Alice in Wonderland." As a dreamer, I have always connected with Alice. Feeling very curious in life. Almost like I'm always in a dream.. or chasing a dream. I have always been that young girl at heart, not sure where I belong or which direction to go, but living for the adventure. 

What I love most about being a designer is being able to express myself through the different materials and jewels. This new collection is very whimsical, made with a lot of charms, crystals, vintage and more.. a collection made for the dreamers. Here's a lil teaser of some of the magic created in our lookbook shoot! Stay tuned for more midweek.